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We have a few different options for the 998T engines for exhaust.

First off we have the super simple 2.5" Straight pipe. This race exhaust has a nice deep note that is louder on the decibel scale. It weighs in at 4.1lbs with a light price to match of $299

Next up we have our Bullet Muffler, this is still a little louder exhaust but with less of a bite than the straight pipe. It is 7lbs with a price tag of $549

Our Magnum series muffler is the choice of many of our trail customers. This is a decibel friendly exhaust that makes good power! It has been tested by the Wisconsin DNR and passed with flying colors! This exhaust is 10.2lbs and $549

And last but not least we have the Captains Choice muffler! The Captains Choice is a cutout exhaust that allows the user to choose if the exhaust goes through the muffler or if it goes straight through. Making you quiet when you want to be and loud come race time.

This is all controlled by a wireless remote key fob that can be mounted wherever the user would like. All components are plug and play and will come with instructions that will walk you right through the install.

This exhaust is $999 USD and is 13.6lbs (factory is 15.5)


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