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Emergency Pull Cord

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If anyone hasn't already thought of this, Just came in from the garage going over trailer and stuff. I use a couple of ratchet straps to hold the back of the sleds on the trailer as I assume alot of you do. The web strap that comes with most of the straps are very long and I cut mine to fit better so I don't have so much extra hanging after the sled is tight. I have a new tube coming from Dan but just to be safe a 5' piece of the extra web strap makes a perfect emergency pull cord and stores very easy. Started mine cold in three tugs on the primary.

Just a thought, Steve
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Great idea. I was kinda of wonder if it broke what to do. Maybe AC should include that with the sleds!
I just bought one that comes in the zr toolbox or zl toolbox-works great-has a plastic handle and is just that a emergency starter rope-scott
I have mine from my 2002 Zr that got totalled, I'll add it to the tool bag (if it'll fit).
Didn't you guys get one with your toolkit? :huh:
If not I'd go see your dealer :unsure:
yea i was surprised to see there wasnt one....

my rope "broke" at the dealer and then tonight before my ride i went to pull her over... BOOM knot slipped through but was JUST big enough not to get sucked in.........
Just installed the Outdoor Shop guide tube, very nice and very easy. If anyone is even a little concerned it is well worth the $$$$ for a little piece of mind.

Very Sweet Dan, thanks alot.

Steve :D
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