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dumb question

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i have a 2003 f5, should i run regular or premium gas? thanks
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High octane has more power in it if you can burn it all. The only way to get it to burn is to start the burn sooner.....Advance the timing like stated above.....

Higher octane burns slower to prevent detnation. Nitro-methane needs 55* of advance and 200#'s cranking comprestion to burn right. Even then it all don't burn in a 500" big block.

2003F5 If you have no mods like higher comprestion head or timing key you will make more power with lower octane 87. Now if you were to run say 110 octane in you F5 with out mods it will act like it is loading up or too rich......Because you cann't burn it all before the piston is all the way down letting all the exe. out.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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