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This is something I came across and was wonder what everyone thought of it. Any comments or sugestions? Just thought everyone might find it interesting.

Tuning Order:

Sled Needs To Sit Flat

1. Limiter Straps – Suck Up Tight
2. Front Suspension Spring – Firm
3. Rear Suspension Spring – Just Enough to Give
4. Rear Suspension – Tie Down
5. Ski Shocks – Tie Down
6. Gearing – Choose gears for distance
7. Helix – Choose Angles
8. Weights – Tune to achieve Top End RPM’s
–> Straight shift out needed
May need to fine tune with helix
-> Steeper angle = lower RPM’s
9. Primary Spring – Combine with weights to Achieve
Engagement and Top End RPM’s
10. Secondary Spring – Loosen Just enough to bog off line, then
gradually tighten.

Tighten 1 hole at a time, until spinning, and
back off 1 hole.

Gradually increase engagement RPMs
(Accomplished by grinding weights in small
increments, and trying) until bog
turns to spinning, then back off by ½ increment
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