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rev v.s. f7
What was yours? I ran one, very close, have some clutching don to my Rev8, better hole shot, midrange, came down to holeshot, top end the F7 took it.  

alleycat_2 Posted: Dec 30 2002, 11:05 PM  

Just this past weekend we had some friendly radar runs on the Rideau
River south of Manotick. Here are the speeds that we saw on this day.

REV 600HO, Consistant 110's with a best 112.9 (my wifes sled)
02 MXZX 800, 109.7 mph then it gripped (my damn sled)
ZR900, consistant 117's, best of 118.1
F7, 116.5 (have no idea who this guy was, just asked if he could make a pass)
02 viper, 111 mph
02 viper with Jaws pipes, 116 mph
01 SRX with??????? 130.5 mph

I would have to say that when it comes to topend the F7 will take the rev.

03 REV 600HO
02 MXZX 800

Roamer7 Posted: Dec 30 2002, 11:37 PM  

QUOTE (800r @ Dec 30 2002, 10:40 PM)
Anyone else have an experience  

I passed one on a nasty rough trail like he was standing still. Maybe he was just a slow rider though. I haven't seen any F-7s on the lake yet. Perhaps they're so fast they've already got there before I even left  .

2003 Ski-Doo MX-Zx REV 600 H.O.
Ride Hard or go HOME !!!

Nicness Posted: Dec 31 2002, 12:10 AM  

I had a 2002 sno-pro last year and in the rough it doesn't come close to the ride of the rev. What I had the worst problem with was trying to turn the Sno-pro. They are the same as the firecat and the one my friend has doesn't turn either. We redesigned the steering and it turns like a ZR. I keep asking the firecat owners how they think it turns and they say like it's one rails. Then when I ride with them and turn around on a narrow trail I wip right around and they are throwing the rear around. Over Xmas I got to ride at my folks and the F7's would come screaming by on the lake and be 1/2 ahead of my 440. 1/4 mile of ditch and I would make up the 1/2 mile and go screaming by. Get up ahead and head to stop and wait to make sure they weren't having trouble(burning down lost 1 out of 3) they would come up all tired and beat up. The only part of me that was even alittle swore were my arms and hands from hanging on when getting big air over the approaches. Let the Firecat owners dream all they want in the real world of riding (beat up trails, ditches, and big air they don't come close.  

S-D 600 Posted: Dec 31 2002, 01:44 AM  

That depends; do you like taking your $8000+ sled to the shop every 100 miles or do you, like most normal human beings actually like to ride? If you like to ride then get a rev, if you want to see your dealer every weekend then get a firecat.

No offense to A/C but they have a lot of bugs to be worked out, but f7's are one fast sled.  

Rozzi Posted: Dec 31 2002, 07:08 AM  

I've had a few, quite a few races with two f-7's with my 800 revx and I always get the hole shot, 1.75 track, and they blow by me mid and top. BUT, they can't even smell the sweet smell of my KLOTZ when we are in the trails!  

Marc Posted: Dec 31 2002, 07:14 AM  

QUOTE (Rozzi @ Dec 31 2002, 07:08 AM)
BUT, they can't even smell the sweet smell of my KLOTZ when we are in the trails!  

Was one of your sons on the F7?  

Great Lakes make great snow!

800r Posted: Dec 31 2002, 07:17 AM  

Well i have done everything to my sled that my dealer knew of, went up to maine knowing i was going to smoke everyone. Took on an rx1, got him out of the hole took him to 80 and he clicked by. Now I was looking for some f7's but I ran into a couple more rev 8's and took them the whole way. Aboit 1/2 hour later 2 f7's come off the trail and onto the lake. Now im thinking its on. I nailed a perfect holeshot and both f7's stayed with me tip to tip untill 20 mph and then were gone. By the time I hit 80 they had about 5 sled lengths on me and were still pulling away. As far as I know you cant do much in the way of mods to an f7. I asked my dealer yesterday and he just scrathced his head. You could say I was a bit disapointed. But I keep loking for them in the trails.  

ROTT Posted: Dec 31 2002, 08:48 AM  

Reeds, pipe, timming key, porting, head, clutching, gearing, All this and more can and have been done to F7s, speedwerx has a nice package for an F7, D&D, and a lot of others. You never know what a rider will do to his sled to get the edge. There is a lot of room to play with the Revs clutching, its not perfect!!!  

alleycat_2 Posted: Dec 31 2002, 03:07 PM  

I don't know about how they perform on the trails but I know
for a fact that the F7's have an awsome top end. Pretty darn close
to a 900ZR.
As a die hard Ski-Doo guy I really hate admitting this.  

03 REV 600HO
02 MXZX 800

tzpetri Posted: Dec 31 2002, 03:15 PM  

Rev800x does pretty good on the lakes for a sled that was called slow by some of the mags. Ran Sunday on the Dam in Springfield VT, about 1/2 to 3/4 mile. Ran ZR900, XC700, XC800, another Rev800x,RX1, MXZ700x and all sleds were stock except XC800 had SLP single pipe and boost bottle. Conditions were poor,3-4 inches of fairly loose snow on top of ice, studs didn''t help much and I never saw more than 97 on the speedo. The XC700, XC800, and MXZ700x had studs. ZR900 was side by side until about 90 on speedo and then it would creep by. Brother''s XC700 was over-reving to 8500 on tach and was close out of the hole but would get beat from 50 or 60 on up. XC800 beat it 1st run, second run he got the holeshot and I got him by 1/2 sled length on the top end, 3rd run he siezed, but it ran again (no more racing though!) after cooling off. Wasn''t a cold sieze either, we did the 3 runs back to back. Other Rev was about dead even, rider was a good 50 lbs lighter and it helped a little. RX1 couldn''t hook up and run wasn''t long enough for it to catch up on the top end, was about even with XC700. MXZ700x was close with XC700, but slightly quicker out of the hole. No F7''s , but witnesses at the scene told us there were 3 of them 30 min before we got there that were "killing everything, even a thundercat" Looking forward to running one stock vs stock, should be a good race. If the F7 is just a little bit slower than the ZR900, it should be a really close race with a Rev800. If you look at the numbers hp and weight the Rev800 and F7 are very close.


2211 Posted: Dec 31 2002, 03:33 PM  

buddies got the f7 and we crack them off all the time and he really out hooks so he gets me alot. Rolling starts we run dead even till about ninety. As far as riding through the bumps the f7 sno pro is much better than my 800x. Seems they got there valving alot closer for the rough stuff than ski doo did. After some revalving I think the rev will be just fine. I tried the stiffer springs and now I bounce down the trails.  
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