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Hey fellow Sledheads, was just talking with our District manager, apparently the Missing Link Snowmobile Club has finally opened their trails. Yes, last month when everyone else was open, they were still busy getting signs in place, etc, and now that the warm weather is behind us (hopefully for good until May!!), they are now open. So come on up, looks like some good riding again!!!

From the OFSC website:

Deux Rivieres - Open
(Missing Link S/C) OFSC TOP “A” TRAIL… Rophton/Mackey to Deux Rivieres… Open CLUB TRAILS No. 191-193-195-197… Open CAUTIONS: Early season riding can be expected, reduce speed on the pipeline sections of trail as the mild weather is creating dips and bumps where small creeks cross the pipeline

Hopefully the rest of our area opens soon too!!!
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