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Did anyone hear how owner of Dalton Mtn

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Motorsports died. They found him dead at him home on Dec21 or 22.
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This was being discussed on another thread...I don't think anyone really knows yet (as far as the actual cause). Too many rumors going around.
From what I hear, he was a hell of a nice guy, gave to just about every charity and local clubs around.
Its one hell of a store, hope they keep it going.
last i heard he shot himself, but like all of you said, thats just another thing i heard, so really, i have no clue.
He locked himself in the garage with the car going. I know someone who is an EMT there.
NOT SUICIDE...Died from enlarged heart condition....too many rumors going around...
We have lost a man that had visions most of us could only dream about.Had he had the time on earth to fufill his visions,people would have been talking about him for many years.R.I.P Dean,you are one of a kind!I was fortunate to know you!
I realize some of you folks have had situations with Dalton Mountain Motor Sport, but what a terrible thing to hear… Dean Walts, Dead at the age of 44. This man has friends and family who must be devastated.
Dean and his staff have been supporting Sledding and ATV’ing in the North Country for many years now.
My condolences to the family and friends.
I’m sure The North Country will not easily forget Mr. Walts

"Between the Lancaster Fair Grounds and Mac-Donalds"

RIP Dean
One of my riding buddies always buys his sleds from Dean. "They are both own car dealerships". My friend will be very sad when I tell him the news. I feel bad for his family and friends.
any idea what will happen to the sled shop?
Both of the shops will be staying open his family and friends will not let Dean's dreams and hard work die with him !!!!!!
I wonder if it was because not enuf sled sales.
He locked himself in the garage with the car going. I know someone who is an EMT there.[/b]
I wonder if it was because not enuf sled sales.[/b]

Your kidding right?
Exactly what I heard from people around town....
nice guy, nice shop... hope his family is ok . when I lived in lyman I would drive all the way there for most my stuff. he will be missed
I am seeing someone that knows the family well! and knows alot about what happens, he was a treasure from what I am told! These people are the ones that are the most missed!
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