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I don't know what Kind of clock/calendar they use up in tuff rubber balls, MN, but it must be screwed up....

I just saw the "newly released" service bulletin for all 2002 6 and 800 zr cross countries... saying the front skid shock was defective and they are replacing them all for free. Hell of alot of good that does a year later after those guys had to live through a year of pathetic performance.

Makes you wonder what bulletins we'll be getting on our "new" firecats next December.

You'd think they could move a bit faster...everyone knew those CCs were soft and didn't handle well by above november of last year... took them 13 months to put out a fix. I'm sure they realized only about 1/2 of owners will ever have it done... making it cheaper for them. Very dissappointing.

I am however, still a cat diehard. I truly appreciate them putting out bleeding edge race product, and don't mind the timely updates so far this year.

Just rambling cuz we don't have any snow in the midwest yet...
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