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my dealer Pioneer Motorsport in Sardinia NY have every toy under the sun but the service department is like a black hole that desinigrated every workers common sense before putting them on the payroll. Every hole in my slide rails that has a moving suspension part bolting up to it is slotted some only a little but front shock arm on the rails were slotted almost an inch. I found these problems 500 miles after a checkup at the service hole. They said it was a wear part that should have been checked after every couple rides and i asked if they thought maybe they should have checked it when it was in the shop and got the look of a moron baffled by someone who has the knowledge to change his spark plugs actually was upset with their useless service. Picked up sled after what was supposed to be a thourough checkup and checked the chaincase oil level to find watery muck. Never to do business with them again. My ten grand a year will be going to Jan Cen Motorsport in Elma NY where their motto is we wont Pioneer You!!!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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