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Dealer setup issue/morons

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Had a 1.375, dealer swapped in.

I was putting miles on it on the lake (very few bumps). I noticed the drool from left bolt. Wrenched it tight rode around in circles. Pulled the skid today to weld spring mounts and the bolt was loose again.
Suprise, they must have thought i didnt need the spacer. THe washer washed out a spot on the back side. What would this have looked like after a 200 miles of ditches.

Just forlift the crate in the truck.I can read the setup sheets.

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fit with washer
alum/grease/tunnel shavings/brass bushing shavings from skid
i hear ya dude, my dealer missed a reflector, washers on the skis, and a broken handle bar clamp, not any problems with the engine though, 65 miles and one tank of gas, pulled the exhaust manifold off last night and checked the cylinders and pistons, looks perty. think there was a bunch of highscoolers putting my sled together, what happened to the supervision, they musta been in awe of the beauty of the sled when the assembler was putting the thing together
the bushing and spacer that is supposed to be in there is no. 2&5 on the pic. This is what I was mentioning earlier in another post.. these bolts are too short and don't grab the nylock nuts correctly. Make sure you have the bushing and spacer (2&5) in addition to the washer (13).
Arctic Cat has a bolt that is 1/4" longer that you should use when re installing your skid frame the part # 8002-229.
Originally posted by rob@Dec 19 2002, 02:15 PM
the bushing and spacer that is supposed to be in there is no. 2&5 on the pic.  This is what I was mentioning earlier in another post.. these bolts are too short and don't grab the nylock nuts correctly.  Make sure you have the bushing and spacer (2&5) in addition to the washer (13).
Everthing was there except 5. The bolt loosened up because it was wearing away on the skid frame (left a cup the size of th washer. THe skid was pivoting around the washer. The 2 brass sleeves are in there. it was left out when the tracks were swapped
Mine was missing right side sleeve. The giveaway was the grease drooling. I couldn't believe it. My dealer never took the skid out. It must have been a factory thing. FYI the part is also used on all ZR's too.
my dealer Pioneer Motorsport in Sardinia NY have every toy under the sun but the service department is like a black hole that desinigrated every workers common sense before putting them on the payroll. Every hole in my slide rails that has a moving suspension part bolting up to it is slotted some only a little but front shock arm on the rails were slotted almost an inch. I found these problems 500 miles after a checkup at the service hole. They said it was a wear part that should have been checked after every couple rides and i asked if they thought maybe they should have checked it when it was in the shop and got the look of a moron baffled by someone who has the knowledge to change his spark plugs actually was upset with their useless service. Picked up sled after what was supposed to be a thourough checkup and checked the chaincase oil level to find watery muck. Never to do business with them again. My ten grand a year will be going to Jan Cen Motorsport in Elma NY where their motto is we wont Pioneer You!!!
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The front arm is bolted in the sled at the factory, a good dealer will put a wrench on every nut and bolt before delivery, but there is still a chance to miss somthing, that missing sleve would be almost impossible to detect on a new sled, cat will warranty any an all parts damaged because of it as well.

You have to remember that most sled buyers will drive 3 hours to save a hundred bucks on a new sled, this combined with huge amounts of work in the fall and parts of the winter, and only little work in the summer, makes it very hard for a shop owner to afford good tech's, most the guys you see in the service department work at least 50 hours a week and aren't exactly pulling down $30K a year.

Seems that a large # of the burned down sleds seem to be coming out of NY dealers too.
you might want to add flat washers to the rail bolts as the bolt heads and the lock washers dig into the alumnium and cause the bolts to loosen up. if not you will be tightning the bolts after every ride. we have already replaced rails under warranty for cracking and holes elongating.
I wouldn't be suprised if many of the burned down sleds came from upstate NY and new england, its where the most snow in the country is, and it has snowed all but 3 or 4 days since the christmass week storms that dropped over 5 feet in places, But, the largest dealer (that I know of) in the area sold 150+ F7's and has only had a half dozen or so with any engine problems.

One of the Largest CAT dealers in the northeast (Livingstons) is in NH, and as I understand it, they sold "atleast" 90 F7's and havn't had ANY go down. This was a couple weeks ago, but we've been riding here since November :rolleyes: My dealers sold about 15 F'7 and have had more than One Problem ....... :unsure:
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