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Dead F7

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I have a F7 that I took out riding to the trails this weekend. Got .5 miles down the road and it died. Thought it ran out of gas Got towed to the gas station and filled it up with gas, tried to pull it over and it won't start. Pulled the plugs and put in fogging oil (my dealer suggested this), sled would start up right away, then just before it would die, it would make a "high pitch weazzing" sound from the gas tank and then die. We tried everything to get the gas from the tank to the injectors and nothing is working.
We also looked at the screens in the intake of the gas line (inside the tank) and they are fine. There is no gas getting from the gas tank to the injectors. We pulled the fuel line in the engine and there is no gas inside it at all. We even filled that with gas, reconnected it, and tried to start it with fogging oil, it would start, run for 5 seconds and then die. Anyone have any suggestions before taking it to the dealer? Bottom line is that no fuel is coming from the tank to the injectors.
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