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I haven't done the math to figure out what the ratio is for the 06 clutches at full shift yet. The formula I'v come up with for the dd sleds with 10t drivers is this:

This would give you 100mph @8000 [email protected] 1:1 ratio, or 126 mph at .8 ratio (20% overdrive) with 55/65 gearing

These #'s are theoretical, and assume no slip.

If you want to figure it for sleds with other than 10t drivers and 2.52" pitch tracks replace .01067 with:

All the above assume that you are using a 76T ring gear (output shaft) a 5 Pinion Planetary Gear, and a transfer gear with 34T (this is the only way they have been made)


EDIT: re-format and simplify

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Last Year I did a Excel Sheet for Standard gearing and a DD.

If you want it message me.

Very Close.
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