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Old kirk was out playing with the Semi-Pros today!
Doing his laps the sled just died on the track, But he Quickly fix it and passed a couple of racers before the checkers.
I had the opportunity to Bug kirk about the sled!
He told me that he wanted suggestions from anyone that rides it, A arms, track, tunnal, engine, are the same as the 03s. To help them turn he shimmed the shocks 5/8ths and set front preload springs with a double setup. TRICK!
He let my kid sit on it and the kid noticed his little balls we're not in harms path with the gas tank cap. A+
He also let one of our Skidoo racers sit on it, He liked it but did not like the long nose on the cats, Has the feel of the rev he told Kirk! We could not ride the sled because Hot laps we're long over at that time. Sunday we will try to get a chance to check it out?
Also Keep your eyes on this kid, 14 year old, Little Danny Ebert, Russ Eberts Son. He is on his way to be the Next Tucker Hibbert.
The kid Wins everything & Knows how to pass!
Good Day!
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