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dakota Clutch kit

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I was planning on getting the dakota clutch kit, but i don't have the number.Does anyone have the phone number or web site. Also how much does it cost and is it worth the money?
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highlander, I believe the phone # for Dakota Performance is 701-452-4212. Ask for Jeff, I believe the clutch kit for the f7 is around $200 and consists of a set of drive weights and helix.

I don't have this kit, but have read from others, such as byoffcr, who have been real impressed with this kit.

That's all the info I have, think snow!
Just for your info...I will have our kit ready next week...I also think that this setup is pulling about the same as the Dakota one...But ours includes springs also...I wish I could run them side by side..
Dakotas are nice, it seems.. I am just saying not selling... :)
Ran my Dakota kit against my other F7 with a speed werx on it . Out of the hole Dakota ahead about 1 sled & 2 sleds at 80 mph but from there on no contest .Dakota kit runs away from it Makes no difference who drives which sled Results always the same Spees werx is a good set up but will not run with a Dakota kit & I know D&D wont either Got D P kits on both sleds now willing to sell Speed werx cheap

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Out Door Shop I dont know about your kit & I would not make any comments about your kit cause I have not tried it . It could be very good.& I am sure it is .I hope you get a change to run against a D-P kit I think you would be surprised If you can keep up i will buy yours & I dont even need one

The Dakota Kit does not need different springs that I guarantee .
So then why is the Dakota kit like $220? Is Jeff a one man show?
Well, the weights are cpc weights and on there site the weights alone are $110 from cpc, and the helix is made by dalton (I think) it looks like the others dalton makes and those will cost you about $80-$100 and add those together and it's pretty good. And what about his R&D time. :eek:
I wasn't complaining, just asking.
That's cool, I wasn't being pissy, I am just sharing what little knowledge I do have left (lost the rest drinking beer :blink: ) because I at first thought the same thing when I got a set of weights and a helix for $210 but I have bought enough clutch kits that I should have known by the quality of the pieces that they were good stuff.
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