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I have the D&D clutch kit in my 03 F7. It performs very well against the ZR900 of my buddies......same weight and both stock. (I just added a speedwerx single this year, but not expecting much from it.) I new that a lot of the top racers were using the Big Dog weights is the drags when the F7 first came out, and I new that the D&D used them in the kit. I'm not sure about the current kit, but mine works well. Most people on this sight either use the ODS kit, or they have the time, knowledge, and tools to build thier own. I haven't seen a whole lot about helixes and weights and springs, it's all ODS. I would like to race side by side with one just to see the difference. Who knows, maybe I'd get my but kicked, but atleast I would know.
I'm satisfied with my D&D CK. It works well, but then again the F7 just about spanks every other 700cc sled. :div20:
I use the D&D kit as well. Very satisfied with it.
wow, that's the most I've heard about D&D clutch kits in awhile! Ofcourse, you can't do a search for D&D on this sight because it only has 3 letters!?!? Let's here some more D&D storys and what you have raced in the real world.....even stock F7's.
I installed one (D&D kit) in my buddys 2003 f7 2 winters ago and it definetly was a improvement over stock. I didn't think alot of it though. I always had great luck with black magic kits on my f6 and prior ZR's. He decided the same thing after he rode my f6 with a black magic kit in. He then decided the D&D wasn't as good as he hoped and he decided to order a ODS clutch kit and i installed it for him. That was at the end of the year last season so he has no miles on the ODS kit yet. Time will tell though. Lots of people love the ODS. Personal preferance on these kits though. :dunno:
ods vs. D&D real world testing.................anyone?
Have D&D and a modified version of the consumer ODS kit. Modified per Dan for my application.

D&D launched harder than any machine I have ever driven. Had to jump off the back a few times and push the bars back down to keep from going over backward, but...........once it hit mid 90's it took forever to break a 100mph and then after than it ran out of poop.

ODS launched significantly harder than stock ever did, and proved to be very responsive at pretty much all speeds. Just kept on pulling and pulling and pulling............never a flat spot and cruised right past the century mark with ease and kept pulling and pulling and pulling.

Flash and Flare
just received my ods kit, cant wait to get it installed.
i have a d&d kit in my 04 standard carb and it works very good . i would buy again from d&d .
The D&D in my '03 F5 has never performed well- the holeshot is not very good. I do like D&D stuff in general, but my 2000 ZL 500 with a Black Magic kit smokes my F5 off the line, by a couple sleds!!!! :banghead:
From what I've heard, the Big Dog weights with the heavier tips, are for an aggressive shift/acceleration. You can go to a heavier weight because the first part of the shiftout will act as if you have a stock weight. I wonder if the full shiftout weight is too much and that is what's causing the flatness on top end. I haven't noticed it on mine, but I geared mine up because the sled acted like it was too aggressive and could pull some top end. I am going to mess with my helix and belt deflection this year because I am putting on a Speedwerx Pipe and the PAC and 2 degree key. I am pretty sure that I will have a couple hundred extra RPM peak with that setup from what I've seen.
I wasn't impressed with the dd clutched sled i tested out.
cat eats dogs, did you get any real world tests with it, or just the seat of the pants? Just wondering if you raced a stock F7 with it or an ODS.....................or anyone else?
It was on a f5, felt weak compared to my f5 with my own clutching, it also had the DD pipe and can. Rpms were way off and top speed was in the 80's? on loose snow and the fastest the owner had it on ice was 95?
a lot of variables to blame the clutch kit isn't it? pipe, can, rpm's off.... Out of all the people on here, I can't believe that noone has raced an F7 with a D&D and one with the ODS?!?! I would buy which ever is faster, but I don't have another F7 around here to test with, that has the ODS. Maybe I should talk one of my friends into buying an ODS kit............hmmm.
I know a few months after i tried it out, they put stock clutching back on from a 04 f5, said it made it better. Guy was bitching how his older zr is alot faster haha.
they all have good things to say about ods.
My son has an ODS kit on his F7, and the sled is a rocket. Everything else on the sled is completely stock, but on the snow, not many sleds can run with him, no matter the size. I on the other hand use [email protected] components, but mostly for grass drag racing. I believe that there are so many variables with sleds, that what will work fine for one sled, may not be the best setup for the next. Getting the weight perfect, the right profile, correct springs for the helix application, proper backshift traits for trail applications, research, asking questions, and testing is the only way to find out. I have raced my son on the snow with my set-up, but he is 60 lbs lighter, with 150plus studs, he will pull me by 2 sled lengths, and I can't pull him in till we are past 95 or so. I believe that his clutch kit also recommends changed gearing to complement the kit. If you don't have access to lots of parts, your best bet is to ask the ODS and [email protected] via phone or email which kit they have for your specific application, best answer should win.
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great points! I believe that both kits are gonna have +'s and -'s. It sounds to me like your sleds are pretty identical. (60 lbs is a lot in my book!!) (studs as well.....) What gearing are you running on your d&d and what do you weigh. Are you using the Big Dog weights?
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