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Cylinder Exchange

You can exchange your damaged cylinder for a remanufactered one. The cost and guideline are as follows.
- $209.00 for individual cylinders
- $409.00 for two cylinder monoblock cylinders (Ski Doo 800-XP, Ski Doo Mach Z 1000, and Polaris 800 IQ)

A core fee applies if you want MCB to mail out the new cylinder before recieving your damaged core.
Core fees are $100 on all individual cylinders with the exception of Ski Doo 800HO cylinders casting number 613852, these are a $200 core fee.
All two cylinder monoblock cylinders have a core fee of $300.00.

All core fees will be issued back onto your credit card once the damaged cylinder is recieved at MCB. Again the core fee is waived if you mail in the cylinder prior to placing the order. When mailing in cylinders for core refunds it is critical that you include a copy of the invoice or at least some kind of note telling us who you are. We cannot refund your money or apply a core fee waiver if we don't know who you are.

In order to make sure you are ordering the correct cylinder you need to know your casting number on the side of the cylinder. Examples are listed below.
- For Arctic Cat it will be a four digit casting number like 88J1.
- For Polaris it will be a seven digit number like 3021339.
- For Ski Doo it will be a six digit number like 613852.
- For Yamaha it will be a four digit number like 88Ek0

If you don't see your casting number here in our drop down menu, then please call and we can arrange to get you the correct cylinder. Not all cylinder that we carry are listed in our drop down. We only show the more common cylinders in our drop down menu. We stock hundreds of cylinders ready for immediate exchange so please call if you do not see your cylinder casting number, we most likely have it in stock.

Above and to the left we show you where to find your casting number on the cylinder for all four brands.

**Core fee is not assessed if you mail in your core with your name and address before placing the order.**
You can order your pistons and gasket sets for your complete top end in our Piston section.
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