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Current bulletins and service advisories

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Sept. 12th, SAS302 (bulletin to dealers)

Affected models: All F-5’s

Subject: Oil sensors

All f-5’s need to have the oil tanks “completely” filled to avoid damage to the oil level sender and oil tank. The unit must not be started without have the tank filled completely first. Some were shipped the sensor unplugged because of this. AC will come out with a repair at a later time.

Oct. 2nd, SAS306

Affected models: All F-5’s

Subject: Speedometer reading

F-5’s will only have the digital speedometers read at approximately 2500 plus rpm’s. This is especially true when handwarmers, thumbwarmer, and high beams. The rpm at which the tach reads will vary depending on the current being drawn from the system. The tach will not read until there is enough voltage to accurately display the rpm’s.

Oct. 7th, SAS307

Affected models: All F-7’s & F-5’s

Subject: ski shock reservoir routing

Sno Pro Firecats should have the remote reservoir hose facing towards the front of the sled. It is possible to have them installed incorrectly.

Oct. 8th, SAS308

Affected models: All F-7’s & F-5’s

Subject: Lower idler wheels/ cross-brace axle clearance.

These are the wheels directly below the rear arm suspension. There should be visible clearance between the idler wheels and the cross brace axle. If there is not gap, the bolts should be loosened, the axle slid forward, and then retighten the bolts.

Oct. 7th, bulletin 2003-1-11


Affected models: F-5’s vin range 4UF03SNW13T170427 through 4UF03SNW03T171101

Oil sensors

If the sensor was connected, install update kit pn 0637-232 (includes sensor).

If the sensor was not connected, install update kit 0637-233 (no sensor included).

Oct. 9th, bulletin 2003-1-14

Affected models: F-7 Sno Pro Sabercat US Black vin range 4UF03SNW83T172403 through 4UF03SNW13T172551

Subject: Fuel Injector wiring harness

The fuel injection wiring harness (mag side) was inadvertently not secured to the fuel rail. This would allow the harness to come in contact with the exhaust. Use a cable tie to secure harness to fuel rail.

Oct. 11th, SAS309

Affected models: All Firecat models

Subject: Air bubble in oil line hose

If the snowmobile is placed on the mag side for an extended period of time an air bubble may form in the oil line. This is especially true if the oil tank is not full. Engine damage may occur if the snowmobile is run with an air bubble in the line. If a bubble is found in the line it will be necessary to purge the oil injection system.

Oct. 18th, SAS311

Affected models: All f-7’s

Subject: Efi high temperature light and fuel designation switch

High temperature light

Since 1999, Arctic Cat efi engines have been equipped with a rich “fail safe” mode that has protected the engines from overheating. The 2003 700 efi models still have a rich “fail safe” mode, but with a special feature. The 700 efi now is equipped with a check engine light located on the speedometer/tachometer. The check engine light will automatically display a warning light when the engine is reaching unacceptable operating temperatures. When the coolant temperature reaches 80 degrees C (176F), the engine light will flash continuously. The rich “fail safe” mode is now in operation.

In this mode, the engine will lose power since the fuel delivery is richer than normal. If the snowmobile is operated until the temperature reaches 93C (200F), the check engine light will stay on with no flashing. The ECU will continue to enrich the fuel delivery until the peak power is very low.

The purpose of the check engine light is to warn the operator that the snowmobile is being operated with marginal cooling. The operator should either stop, shut the engine off, and allow the engine to cool, or if loose snow is available, drive the snowmobile into the loose snow allowing snow to cool the heat exchangers.

This check engine light cannot be retrofitted to any other efi model.

Fuel Designation Switch

For your convienience, AC has added a fuel designation switch. This switch on the 700’s can be activated at any engine speed under 5000 rpm. All other efi systems won’t activate until the engine is shut off and the gray wire is disconnected. The switch can be retrofitted to older sleds with the grey wire; however, the snowmobile will then need to be shut off in order to switch to either mode.