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There are 3 races scheduled for Feb. 3, 10, and 17 in Central Wisconsin

Feb. 3 Castle Rock Lakecross (Town of Quincy WI off Hwy Z) (Sponsored by Shermalot Ski ____)
Feb. 10 Neosho Lakecross (Neosho WI) (Sponsored by the Ridge and Valley Cruisers Snowmobile Club) website: http://www.rvcsnow.com/neosho_cup.htm
Feb. 17 Lake Petenwell Lakecross (Town of Rome off Hwy Z) (Sponsored by Shermalot Ski ____)

All races are an ice lemans type of racing, with courses ranging from 1-5 miles per lap, we typically do 3-5 laps. The track is mainly on the lake, and involves whatever terrain the lake provides. There are 3 classes, Pro, Semi-Pro and Sport. look at the website and you will see what we run for sleds / setups etc. website: http://www.rvcsnow.com/neosho_cup.htm
There are also radar runs and ____ races the same days.

ask if you need details. Lots of Fun. High Speed racing.

email me at:
[email protected]

hope to see you there
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