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Crooked Handlebars

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Anyone notice that their handle bars when riding their Firecat straight is a little off center. I noticed this on mine. When going straight I have to turn it a little bit (say 5-10 degrees) to the left. If I don't do this my sled pulls right.

Now how would i go about fixing this. Would I have to adjust the tie rod ends to do this. I looked at the steering column and it is welded to a bracket that the handlebars attach to. I also checked my toe and it seemed fine.

Any info would be appreciated.


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Just adjusted my bars

It was easy, loosen the jamnuts, turn the rod to extend it about 1/2 inch and viola done. I think CAT may have left it like that so it doesn't touch head bolt because it seems to touch a little bit now, no big deal.

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