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I lauched my F7 last week at about 80mph. There was a large roll in the middle of a drag strip that I didn't see in the bright sun. Anyway, it ended up doing an end over end into a side roll. :wacko:

The windshield was broken and the handlebar bent. I thought I got off lucky until we noticed the tunnel was bent. The dealer had 6 AC wrecks before mine to fix, so I thought I was going to miss my next trip to Canada the 18th. I didn't want to tackle a tunnel replacement myself. Then the dealer calls me to tell me that he called all 6 of the other guys and said it was ok with them if he moved mine to the front of the line. They all had other sleds to ride. I told him he was my hero. After pulling the heat exchangers and support brackets off the tunnel, it almost popped back into shape. Should be back in business in another week. So while I'm not excited about missing 2 weeks riding, I am glad it won't be longer.

I am also glad I spent the $70 for a closeout Tech Vest. It saved my shoulder. :rolleyes:

I told my wife she will need to bake an extra batch of cookies for the guys at the dealership.

So if anyone lives near Dover, PA, try Neimans the next time you need an AC. His name is Chopper and is a super guy.
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