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hey guys I was just reading snojimmys topic and he was asking about the 800 oil pump and rr oil tank and this poped into my head.
if the oil pump works on the new 600 it will oviously have four injectors on it 2 for carbs and 2 for crank. on our watercrossers we run a similar set up we use the oil injector just for the cranks and loop the other to lines (carb lines) back into the main line using tee fittings. this way here the pump will work properly still. we dont use oil tanks cause the water can get in them (sinking them and all) but use the soft gear oil bottles. but since these sleds run in the winter that wouldnt be a issue.
You wouldnt need all 3 oil lines cause the pto bearings with isoflex is fine , so what you do is run 1 line to the center and loop the other 3 than rather than getting a new trottle cable with oil pump cable on it you use a zip tie or mech. wire and hook it up to your oil pump and set it on low( idle setting) you dont need the oil gushing in. if you decide to run the 600 rr oil tank you would be able to get a whole weekend out on one tank no sweat. oviosly if you want to run oil injection youd hook it up to the carbs but for the guys how still want the pre mix and the ctr bearing issue resloved I think this is a very good solution. rather than manualy injecting oil in it with a seringe.
Oviously water is probably one of the harshest on cranks and this method has been working for us guys for seasons and seasons with No crank problems what so ever.
un fortunatly I cant get any pics yet anyways of our race sled cause theyre put away for the year (lol) but I will try soon so you can get a visual of what Im tring to describe.
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