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Hi,I am about to cutch a 2004 ZR 900 EFI with act drive.I am wondering what is the helix I have a 0648-694-50/36 for the secondary with a white spring.The primary clutch is stock with the purple spring.I was working on it tonight taking off the primary and the clutch tool broke inside the clutch.You got to love it.I took a break now I am going to try a little heat and a air hammer tomorrow wish me luck.
What I really want to know is which clutch kit to use where to get a 10.4 conversion what helix and springs work the best and with a stock pipe and V force three reeds what should I use for springs,wieghts if you have a good set up let me know.?If not I will keep you posted on my findings.I am thinking of trying the D&D stock clutch kit.I have wrote to ODS and not heard back yet.
Thanks in advance,,
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