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I went out to the pond tonight. 22deg. Conditions are as follows icy/crusty top that will support sled and me (165lbs). Breaks through to about 5" of powder. After about 200 or so feet ther sled will plane on top of crust. Sled set up. 360 mains. v force 3 reeds. Speed werx air intake. Limiter strap as long as stock hole will allow. Coupler blocks removed. Spring blocks on #1. 1" track with 102 1.175 studs. Thick shim removed from seconday and installed a thin to replace it. Reverse installed 18/40 gears. Distance is 2 tenths of a mile marked off by speedo. I know its not the most accurate measurement but its the best i had. Was figuring about 1000ft.

50.5 stock weights, orange primary, green secondary middle hole. all with 60/48 helix. 2 runs 89mph on both. (all results are speedo readings)
Didnt check rpms. not real smart

50.5 weights, orange primary, green in 4th hardest tension hole
2runs, 88,89mph. again no rpms.

50.5 weights, orange primary,red secondary in the 4th hardest tension hole. 87 both times. max recall 8440. staying around 8240. 93 mph top

52gram light tip weights, orange primary,green secondary in the 4th hardest tension hole. 2 runs 88,89mph 8400and 8440 max recall. would stay at or aroud 8300 rpm. Top speed for room i had was 91mph

52 weights,orange primary,red secondary in 5th hardest tension hole. 88mph on both runs. 8360 max recall. staying around82-8240rmp.92 mph for room i had

52 weights,orange primary,red primary 4th hardest tension hole. 2 runs 87,88mph. 8240 max recall.staying around 8060-8100rpm. 91 mph top

*******Anyone using this info should contact Dan @ the Outdoor Shop for parts. He has worked long and hard to get us all set up. JMO*******
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