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Could anyone please give me some advise on clutches, I just picked up a 05 f7 sno pro. The dealer made all the proper changes with the new 06 parts as part of a technical bulletin. THis is what i was told. If this is true, are all the nightmares of the 05 clutches taken care of or should i still be thinking about and aftermarket clutch for better performance? Please and thanks in advance.... :banana:

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Well If I were you I would check.
I highly doubt that the dealer upgraded your clutch to an 06 secondary.

A quick and dirty check without measure is to check the deflection adjuster on the end of the secondary. If it is Black then the clutch is still an 10" 05 secondary. A white/cream adjuster MIGHT mean a 10.4" secondary.

As well, I noticed on the 06 Fcats (NOTE only Fcats) the helix assembly no longer has the seperate torque cover. It is a complete helix cover assembly.

In any case I would wait until the rest of us get a chance to figure out the secondary conversion. I will have mine in soon. But I need snow to test!!!!
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