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Hey guys, asking for a little help for our club here, if you can . Our main fundraiser is coming to a close right now and i need to sell a few of these calendars . We are a non-for-profit organization and all proceeds go towards club/trail liabilty insurance costs and maintaining our trail system in northern illinois. Most of you i'm sure never ride here, but YOU'LL NEED A CALENDAR NEXT YEAR ANYWAY, RIGHT ?

There is a MAXIMUM of 3000 calendars sold with 365 chances to win. Each daily winners ticket is put BACK in the drum for a chance to be drawn again. You can win MULTIPLE times ! It does happen ! $25 daily winner with $500 winners on most major holidays and the first day of winter !

I've attached pictures of the calendars. It's not a scam. I'm on here all the time. The drawing is coming up soon, Jan 6th in Roscoe Illinois. Cost of the calendar is $20 and postage would be about $2-$3(?) . Paypal would be the quickest way to get in on the drawing. i have 10 to sell yet but can get more if someone wants more.
thanks for looking.

Craig Kloepping
sec/treas German Valley SnoRiders
(815) 362-2013
[email protected]
or pm me

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