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I was going over my sled after the weekend trip, and was getting it ready for another trip this weekend. Well, a guy up in Ironwood made me a little nervous when he showed me a HOLE he had worn through his oil line under the secondary clutch.

I tried looking the oil line over just by taking my belt off, but I couldn't get my hand in good enough to check the line. Pulled out the 1/2" socket and pulled the secondary. Well wouldn't ya know ... I felt the line under the shaft of the secondary and SURE ENOUGH THERE'S A HOLE!

Called my dealer this morning, and dropped the sled off. They're gonna get it fixed, but it looks like a possible service bulletin issue.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up. Check your sled before riding any long distance! The guy I ran into up in Ironwood actually threw his belt because the oil leaked all over. I must have caught mine early enough, because I have just over 300 miles on mine, and didn't THINK I had any problems. <_<

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Can anyone post any pics on this issue? The only place that I saw as a trouble spot was where the oil line rubs going through the chassis behind the primary clutch. Is the area of reference? I will enclose a pic from early, early on on this board.

Is this the "Oil Trouble Spot" you are referencing?
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Nick ... no, that's not what I am referring to. You actually have to pull the secondary clutch off to see what I'm referring to. You MIGHT be able to see that same oil line if you can see between the secondary and the frame.
Thanks! I thin we will all have to double check this! I know I will be checkin it out! Let us know on any updates if you have any!
I'll be picking it up tomorrow a.m. and am "supposed" to be leaving straight for the U.P. But I'll let you guys know what happens with the oil line (as well as the trip).

Thanks for the heads up on the leaky oil line,
While checking, I found that there was an air bubble in the line, what is the proper way to eliminate this potential problem.

Sure do enjoy reading everyones comments

It has made life up here in the true north (Bush Alaska) lot nicer communicating ideas back and forth.

Thanks in advance for the help

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Could you post in a bit more detail what we are to look for as to what is causing the problem? Is the line getting rubben thru by the sheaves of the clutch or the jack-shaft? What can prevent this problem, adding a wire tie or 2..... split loom corregated tubing??

Please explain the problem/situation(besides that a hole is getting rubbed in the line) in more detail. Thanks.
I just pulled mine and found NO wear spots. I put a zip tie on it just to be safe.

Anyone know the torque spec for the outside bolt?
First, John has a good point. When posting questions, ideas, suggestions, fixes, or whatever, please try to take the time to be as accurate and detailed as possible, as this will save time and make life a bit easier for EVERYONE!!!

That being said, here's my take on this particular oil line issue: On MY sled, there looks to be plenty of clearance -- an inch or so -- between the oil line and the jackshaft (the shaft that the driven/secondary clutch is mounted to). However, I can see that if any amount of slack were to develop in that area, the oil line could very easily rub against the stationary big gold washer that's mounted on the jackshaft behind the driven clutch. That washer is stationary -- it doesn't come off -- but it also rotates with the jackshaft. This is my guess as to how that oil line got its hole! It only takes a few minutes or so guys to pop the driven clutch off to inspect this area for possible clearance issues. -- Roy
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I'm assuming you are wanting the torque spec. on the secondary clutch mounting bolt? It is 19-24 ft lbs.

ps Where specifically did you put the wire tie for safety.... what hole in the chassis/frame were you able to go thru with the zip tie?

Yes, your assumption is correct. Thanks for the number.

You need a long zip tie or put two together. I put it right behind and below the secondary. There is an aluminum frame reimforcement piece (non technical term) that runs along the path of the oil line ( In fact, the oil line is already zip tied to it but through a drilled hole). I slid a long zip tie behind the reinforcement piece and then around it. This allowed the oil line to be pulled tight against the reinforcement piece. Once you take off your secondary I think you will see what I'm trying to describe. If not, let me know and I'll send you a picture.
Good info!

Did you guys re-align your clutches after you removed the secondary? I was wondering this the other day. I kanow it may sound stupid, but I have hear much dumber questions asked on this board!

I went out to the garage and pulled the secondary off for a look. When I saw the area you are talking about, I decided to add a zip tie just for piece of mind. Thanks for explaining it in a bit more detail and for posting this 'heads up'.


ps 19-24 ft. lbs. on the mounting bolt for the secondary clutch... :D
The wear is happening when the secondary shifts out fully. It is probobly affecting some sleds that do not have a lot of washers on the jackshaft for alignment, which would allow the clutch to move closer to the line.
Sorry for such a long delay in replying to you John ... I just got back from Hurley.

OK, here's the scoop. Sally Danger hit the nail on the head for a description of the problem. The rubbing occurred after the secondary shifted out. When I returned to the dealer they explained that it was routed from the back of the belly pan "too high". So my oil line was actually resting on the chasis instead of behind it. The dealer ended up drilling a small hole into the chasis, and then zip-tied the line so it now sits clear of the jackshaft.

That took care of it ... now I just need a new fuel pump :angry: (that's a whole different story)

I understand exactly what you are saying. I am curious how much in front of the fitting where the clear tube attaches to the black connector the dealer drilled the hole in the aluminum for the zip tie? Any chance of taking a picture or measuring from the black nipple to the hole that the dealer drilled? I would like to do this on mine(drill a hole and instal zip tie).... Thanks!
ps How was Hurley, what dates were you there?
I'll see if I can get a picture taken of it ... but at the very least I can measure and let you know the specs.

As far as Hurley goes ... trails were not good. Not to mention I had to settle for my buddy's backup sled ('95 ZR440) while my F7 sat on the trailer. The trails really took a turn for the worse over the week with all the warm weather they had up there (not to mention the traffic). I think we put on a grand total of about 60 miles in 2 days, and that's just plain awful. :wub:

I think some people found some decent snow up there, but those guys were the ones who knew the firelanes pretty well. The trails themselves were bad in that they may have had SOME snow, but there were a LOT of rocks. And I mean BIG rocks ... anywhere from softball-sized to bowling ball-sized.

I hope the cold stuff comes back and Mother Nature can cooperate with us! :(
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Thanks. I greatly appreciate you getting the spec. on the hole location.
I checked my oil line behind my secondary and it looks like there is plety of clearance between oil line on shaft. I do agree that there needs to be another hole drilled into the chassis in order to add another zip tie to keep the line secure. I am going to leave it alone for a while and check it every once and a awhile to see it is rubbing. If it does rub, I am going to remove the secondary and drill another hole in the chassis and zip tie that baby right up.

As of now, doesn't look to pose a threat to my machine, but I think all should take a look.
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