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Take the rear skid out.

Take the long bolt out of the brake side. Flip the sled on to the brake side. Pull the secondary and belt. Take all the bolts out of the DDrive where it attaches to the sled. Pull the DDrive right out.

Ball up the track into the tunnel push it up in the bulk head nice and snug. The shaft should let you slide the drivers with the brake assembly all on down then tip the shaft down to the DDrive side and slide the track out there.

Do the reverce putting back together the long bolt takes 70 foot#'s. IF you have not broke one now is the time for the updated bolt and bushings. While the DDrvie is out change the fluid. There was an up-date on the seals as well.

I have done this three times and getting ready to do it again on my own sled. The M with the extrovert drivers is a bit tuffer.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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