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changing spark plugs

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do u guys remove the muffler when you change the spark plugs. they are hard to get to and a pain in the ass. im sure u could do it without removing the muffler, but its not easy. any suggestions?
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Well bro, you can be like me and try it unprepared.... i used the tool kit it came with, spark wrench and a phillips through it..... man it was a PAIN in the ass. Mainly cause they were on too tight.... i recommend a spark plug socket :p
I've used the tool kit with the muffler on and no problems, you do it once or twice it will get easier for you---unfortunately I don't have any snow so I practice everyday!!
Hey I'm just kiddin! :lol:
Try changing them with the tool kit tools and the exhaust pipe up to temp! Get to the point you can do that with no burns and I will call you GOD :p
It is hard to use the spark plug wrench in the tool kit on the plug that is on the clutch side. I have a 11/16 wrench that I carry with me and by lifting the belt guard up, you can loosen that plug with no problem and without getting burned.
I was thinking about getting the ratcheting spark plug wrench from Dennis Kirk. That looks like the way to go to me.
I got burnt in three different places on both hands - after doing a piston/plug check. I don't check plugs or wash until the engine is cooled now.
They hard to get at w/o getting burnt and the best way is thing a 3 inch extension and ratchet on the mag side and standard ratchet on pto side.
Mine fowled out at 30 miles. trailered my sled up north for 7 hours. got there, started on 2nd pull. i came back minute latered to hear it stuter and die. pulled rope the rope in vein only to find out one plug fowled. THe f7 wont start on one plug no matter how long u pull the rope. I used a ratchet with a socket on the pto side. and an extension was added for the mag side. they were on way to tight from the factory, i couldnt budge them with the toolkit crap.
My husband and I change the spark plugs using a ratchet and socket, and we have no problems!
toughen up and just pull the damm things out, its no big deal.
Just put a socket with extension and a swivel in my sled. Might as well make it easy. Haven't had to change the plugs yet anyway.
Just a word to the wise!
If you remove the exhaust pipe be carefull with the exhaust donut - they chip very easy.
Dealer chiped two corners out of mine when they checked the carb jetting.
When you put the exhaust back on, mount the pipe to the y connector from the bottom up, not top down - it does make a difference and makes a difference which spring you put on first.
Doing a chop off is almost imposs. checking piston wash & plug reading, inless you take a ratchet,shocket, extension and put it in your pocket.
hey, i use a 10 inch tee wrench with spark plug socket that was the easiest thing i could think of
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