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We have just joined as a HCS advertiser / sponsor.

All orders from HCS members prior to Nov 30 /2005 will receive FREE return shipping anywhere in the USA or Canada. The minimum order value must be $200.00 or more.

Fireball specializes in ceramic coatings, powder coatings, heat dispersement coatings and internal engine coatings for race or performance applications.

We can ceramic coat your pipes, powder coat your suspension parts, or coat your pistons, heads or engine to maximise part life & performance.

Check out our website for more info.


For US customers, please do not ship via UPS as we are charged 3% brokerage based on the declared value. The easiest / economical method is via the Mail with accelerated service that can be tracked or insured. It takes 3-6 days with mail and has no extra charges attached either way.


Mark Stevenson
Fireball Coatings Inc.


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