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Ceramic Coatings

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Sure they look great on the exaust,but do they hold up? Also do they really keep the heat within in the pipe better than stock as they claim? I am thinking about the chrome finish look for my sled. Has anyone done theres?
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Originally posted by Brunter Burner@Sep 11 2005, 10:57 AM
I am going to do mine, I would like to know what others paid. Supposedly it won't corrode, or turn burnt blue. Supposedly it withstands heat, and cools faster. Not sure why there would be a performance gain, but some claim there is. Either way, I will do it so it stays looking nice.
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brunter, not so much as a performance gain but maybe a more even performance. The sled will make its most power with a warmed up pipe. If the pipe stays at a lets say consistent temperature, performance will be more consistent, hence the ceramic coating keeps the heat in. Dont know if you"d even notice the differance except maybe on a dyno. If for any reason you do it it looks awseome
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