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Cat Info on F7

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Ok, I just had a half hour conversation with Cat covering a lot of questions and answers. I'm going to divide this into several posts and I don't type fast so be patient.

First of all, the sky isn't falling There are no where near as many failures as we've been hearing. And in at least one of the failures, there was engine mods done, including V-force reeds and pipes, and "advance keys". AC is only aware of FOUR seized F7's in the NH area, one of those being Blacksaber7.

Secondly, it has to be considered that the F7 is working with closer margins than many sleds before it.. Mods that were possible on other sleds may push the F7 over the edge. Advance keys are OUT. The f7 engines were all produced on the high side of the ignition timing tolerances. ANY more advance is too much. You have an advance key or pipes or reeds and you're on thin ice.

Thirdly, the design of the rear cooler is creating problems, as we all know. It is a LOT harder to get all the air out of these things than anyone expected. ALL the previous bleeding techniques are out the window. It is thought that MOST Firecats in the field have some amount of air trapped in the system. I will post current bleeding thinking in another post.

Thanks for the update Rob. You still be the greatest.. I tell al my polaris buddies about you. They have a hard time believing you went to Arctic cat on them. This is at the same time they are begging me to ride my F7. I tell them no, I really hate to spoil them.
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Mainecat Posted
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Thanks for the info from the horses mouth Rob
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czy42strokes Posted:

I don't know how you do it, you must have a direct line to Kirk himself. Thanks for all the work/extra time you spend on this , it is greatly appreciated...

Bugsy's F-7 Posted:

I haven't had the chance to ride my black sabercat f-7 yet, but have been watching this site closely with all i have been hearing. burped my sled the other nite but think i will do it again the way rob says in his post "burping your baby. thanks for staying on top of this for us rob.
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This is what comes about the most talked about (internet anyway) sled. I am getting jealous. I had to settle for an outdated sled. (not) This can only make the sled better. Thank you Rob. I guess there is always next year. Keep the info coming. I will live with my two zl's, and will look forward to the o4's.

RedF7 Posted:

Thanks for the update Rob. Did they say if or when a service bulletin would be sent out on this issue?
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howabout we just do wheelies, take the blocks out, and just mat it,
the sled will be 14 to 28 inches off the ground every time we ride?

highlander Posted
THANKS FOR INFO ROB,i was going to put on reeds but now i don't think {go with a ck}
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