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I put this in here as well as the polaris general forum hoping to get some help
I have a few questions and need help. I am working on some 34mm mikunis (from a 98 indy 440.)
It has.... needle jet (480)p-2
needle 6dh7-2
pilot #40
main 270

What I have is a set of slp pipes to put on and the instructions say use
needle jet (286) o-4
needle 6dh3-3
pilot #50
main 260

The motor is from a 1995 xcr440 and so are the pipes. The carbs are from a 98 Indy 440.

Will the needle, needle jet from the 98 carbs work in place of the reccomended from slp. Will it be richer leaner? Much richer. I really dont understand what the numbers mean and havent found a chart on the needles or jets. I know I will change the mains and pilots. Any help would be great.
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