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Made a loop today from Fish Lake over to Canyon, up to Virginia, across on the Taconite to Grand Rapids (didn't quite get into GR - took the Keystone Trail outside of GR) and back down the grade to Canyon.

Trail conditions were excellent, especially in the morning. The Res Rider trail and Canyon -> Virginia trails were nearly perfectly smooth with virtually no ice and some powder on top. Laurentian Trail outside of Virginia was the same. Taconite Trail from the Laurentian going west was in very good shape as well until you got near GR. At about mile marker 12 the trail started to get very thin and the corners got VERY icy - very easy to slide through a corner even at low speeds. We took the Keystone Trail towards the Penguilly Trail (both of which were ok although also thin and icy), and then the Alborn grade back. The grade was in fair shape where it's groomed out of Penguilly but in excellent shape where the Alborn folks take over.

Reservoir Riders trail was not in the best of shape on the way back although we passed one of their groomers on the trail after a while and I saw another one making the corner to head that direction as well (thought it was interesting that they were double grooming the west segment of their trail but hadn't touched the eastern half yet).

We were very surprised at the condition of the trails overall, especially regarding the recent warm temps. Thanks to the clubs that groom the trails (we were on at least 8 different trails for the day). 292 miles is not any fun on junk trails (been there, done that).
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