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C&A pros

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I am wondering who has miles on C&A pros on their F7 snopros? I ordered a race set with 6 inch carbides. I am not running studs. Thoughts?
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My riding pal, SnoProG remarked that the C&A was better (it's bigger) in deep powder than the stock. He was using 6 inch stock carbides on his C&A skis with 156 studs in his F7.

He thought that in low snow conditions it was a bit harder to turn the handlebars using that ski vs my F7 with stock skis. Our sleds aren't completely setup the same (mines a standard with standard skis and his is a Sno-Pro with C&A's). The skis on his did require a little more effort to turn (low snow conditions might have something to do with that). He was running 6 inch carbides, I was running 10 inch on my stock ski.

He also said that he's going to upgrade to 8 inch carbides on his C&A's. He felt 6 inch carbides were not enough for 156 inch studs.

That's our opinions so far. More to come later after more riding, etc.

BTW: I'm sticking with my stock skis and 156 studs and 10 inch carbides. I might get C&A's for powder riding if we ever go out west. Might consider them for added floatation.

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