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I'm pretty new to this, and thinking about buying parts from a member on this site. Of course, I'm nervous. Anyone have any ideas about how to SAFELY buy something from another member? I've heard some horror stories about Paypal.

Any help would be great!


BBlue :augen41:

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Generally if you are buying something from a someone you would send a money order or pay with pay pal. When the seller gets the money order he ships the item out the next day. This is how I work it with used stuff and I've never had a problem.

If you buying from a member on HCS you should feel pretty safe in sending him or her money, most of us here are just like family. If you happened to get ripped off you make that person known and let the everyone shame him into sending what he promised.

Also, if you go to the "classified feedback" look to see if anyone left any comments about the person you want to buy from.

Good Luck

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or use paypal if you do not recieve it or not satisfied paypal will contact them to get it resolved ---if ya do not recieve it paypal can take money out of thier account at anytime and put it back to yours
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