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Bubble in oil line

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I was at the dealer today getting my recoil update done and the mechanic noticed a bubble in my oil line about 1/3 of an inch long. My sled had 180 miles on it already. Do I need to worry about it???? If so, do I get rid of it?
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OK you guys are going to think I'm F;;kn crazy but here goes. I have only ridden 65 miles and before the ride I noticed a bubble in the oil line between the Primary and secondary as described above. I called the dealer and he told me to ride it it would be fine. So off I went and he was right it was fine, I used about .5 quart of oil. Upon checking the oil line I noticed the bubble still there.

Well being who I am this was not right and had to be fixed. I read the above post on how to purge the oil line and that sounded like alot of work so, and here it comes, I lifted the rear of the sled about shoulder high and the bubble quickly traveled to the connector in the tank but would go no further. I lifted the sled higher and still it would not move. So if you look at your oil cap it has a vent hole in it. With the cap on tight and alittle suction from yours truly, I heard a little girgle and just like that no more bubble in the oil line.

PS, make sure you lock the garage door before sucking on your sled. :wub:
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