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brought the f5 to the dealer today

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brought both sleds to the shop today... the zr and the f5. dealer said that if the pistons and everythin isnt bad then he will re-build that, but if it is bad then he will just put a new engine in it. i really dont want a rebuilt engine....hopefully it wont be out long. im on x-mad vacation for like 10 more days and cant even ride.

what are your opinions on it being a rebuilt engine? i mean, its a brand new sled with 43 miles on it and now it will have to have a rebuilt engine. unless its bad and im hopin it is so a new motor will be put in
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Even if your jugs and pistions are scraped up they will replace them with new this does not mean its rebuilt because he is not sending away the jugs to get fixed. If it seized and the bottom end is good than there is no reason to replace it.
As long as it is rebuilt by a qualified tech. I would be happy with a rebuild. I have more faith in My tech than in the guy on the line in a factory.
sled-head is right. If your bottom end is good, there is no need to replace the whole engine. You will have new cylinders and pistons. Can't really ask for more than that. I understand your point of only 43 miles on it. But, how would you feel, hypothetically speaking, if Cat comes out next year and says "We are replacing all pistons and jugs for all F5s last year because there may be a flaw in the parts." Here is your sled with hopefully 2000 trouble free miles on it, after it is fixed. Are you going to say no or yes to bolting those parts on your bottom end with the 2000 miles on it? I bet I know your answer.
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