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Brother's F7 smoked em all!!!!

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My brother went up to Old Forge with his new F7 Sno-Pro and stopped at a place to eat and there was a 500-600 foot drag strip in a field right nearby. One of the guys he riding with on a Mach Z 800 wanted to race him so they touched off and the F7 totally smoked the Ski-Doo. Well, after a few times down the strip 2 Rev 600's came up to him and wanted to run him and he wupped on them real bad as well. The strip was about a foot of base with 5-8 inches on loose snow on top. He said the Sno-Pro track really hooks up! He had no intentions of racing, but just wanted a burger to eat!!
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It was a 1999 he thinks. He said the traction advantage (holeshot) was unreal over most the other sleds. He also ran a Rev X and it was about even the first time and the second time his F7 won by about 2 lengths. He wasn't sure if it was a 600 or 800 as they guy had the engine sticker pulled off the sled.
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