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Has anyone bought the breathers for the F-Cat from D%D yet? If so how much where they and what is the part number?
They are the round ones with snowscreen built into them.
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Yes this is he who owns a Two-up T-Cat better known as a 1000 Pantera and posts on RSS. Thanks for the steer to thunder products I checked thier page this is what I'm looking for. I want to put my stock top back on my airbox and open up the front of it with the same amount of opening as the D&D power breather.

Again Thanks for the info. I've been lurking here off and on for a while. First time in a long time I've posted. Lots of Fireboats on this forum EH! Rob ;-)

This site has come a long ways and it sure keeps Rob busy. You guys are lucky to have this amount of info all in one place. Keep up the good work and don't let a few set backs get you down. See you on the trails.
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