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breaks squeeking on f7

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does anyone else have this problem i had to break real hard one time to the point to where i could smell then and after that they were squeeking??? this couldnt be something with that jack shaft bearing or anything could it, let me know i would appreciate it...
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Had a sqeak also, it was the brakes because it disappered when you hit them. I have about 150 miles on my sled and the squeak is gone. WFT?

Now they seem to be rubbing, I posted this and I will try to let pressure out of the brake sytem by simply taking the cap off the brake resevoir.

Have to see if it works.

Other than that this sled fing rocks, nothing like hanging on with the tips of your fingers when you got her pined.

Steer it with your ass because when you got her pinned the skis ain't doing nothing. lol

Going to put 96 studs on her and see how she does.

Talk to ya

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