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Break-in Fuel mixture...EFI= NO pre-mix??

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I thought this info is VERY interesting. As I have been reading through my 2003 Arctic Cat Performance Manual, it states that the "proper" break-in fuel recommendation for the EFI sleds is to NOT pre-mix any oil with the gasoline and that the dealer should run the sled with the oil pump in full open for 3-4 minutes is the correct proceedure. Maybe this is why people are having "stalling" situations due to the "Smart Valves" getting clogged.

Also, I wonder why there was a big red cardboard warning on the filler cap of my EFI sled that stated a warning of making SURE that a pre-mix gasoline IS used for initial break-in period.......

It seems that there is NO consistenty of this issue :unsure:
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Yeah, that dealer up in Trego, Wild River Road and Trail, nice people. They took care of me once. sold me 2 sleds, but no fcat, he wanted too much money for it. I would take my sled there for warranty work if i was in the area.
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