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Boundary Bald Mountain

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I was up to Jackman last weekend with my buddy and we were trying to find the way to the top of Boundary Bald. we found the main hiking trail but figured that it wasn't the right way to the top. We then went around the backside past the yellow gate to the end of the road and we still couldn't find the trail. Does anyone know where the trail is to the summit is? I've looked on Facebook along with on here and I can't seem to find info on where the trail is. If anyone knows directions it would be greatly appreciated, -Gunnar
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Yes, go the yellow gate take a right when your right next to the sugar shack and go probably a mile up that “trail” there should be a spot on the right hand side, go through the ditch and the trail should be somewhat obvious pretty near a straight shot to the top I will say go mid winter or a couple days after a big storm very rocky and super easy to spin all the snow out and be on soiled rock lol I’ve been a bunch and it’s a good challenge definitely bring a couple sleds real easy to get buried in of in the trees in a couple spots lol hope this helps
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