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I posted this in the 440 section with no response so far.

When I bought my sled the guy I bought it from said it had a bog issue after running it for a while. I ran it up and down the street a few times lastnight with no issues. I put on about 3.5 miles then. Today a friend and I went down the Luce Line trail and got about another 3-4 miles and it started to bog. I came to a stop and it would idle fine but would not rev up. I shut it down and poped the hood. The only thing I noticed was the the coolant was all the way to the top of the coolant bottle. After further inspection I noticed a very very small hole on the top ring of the coolant bottle just below the cap. I also noticed the there was no coolant coming out of the overflow tube. The motor seemed to be very hot. I also noticed before that the indicator light wires behind the speedo are alittle fried so i do not know if the temp light works.

1 - Would the small leak in the coolant bottle cause it to overheat and bog?

2 - Do you think that the coolant cap is not working and would cause the machine to overheat and bog?

3 - Is it another issue like stator???????

I know the bottle is shot and will be replacing that and might try another cap.

Thanks in advance

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