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in the case of a frontal impact.... I think a better designed front bumper, that crumples and better distributes impact forces. Paired with those reinforcement plates is a far better fix for preventing bulkhead damage. A bumper that crumples and absorbs impact, is far more effective than a bumper that slams a tree and survives unscathed..

After 700 mi on my SBA . I noticed most of the rivets on the side of my tunnel from the foot wells back, were still tight but showed signs of movement. (aluminum dust surrounding them). Which tells me that the tunnel is flexing. The boards I made are intended to stiffen the the tunnel sides, top, and floor boards. By tying those three areas together with a stronger unified part. And to strengthen the area in which the rear suspension mounts exert their vertical force when jumped or rode hard, Also to offer reassurance when carrying fuel or other cargo on the rear tunnel, when towing a dead sled. Or when a husky fella like myself gets a little over confident. The stock paper thin tunnel and wimpy braces just weren't cutting it for me.

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