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BLACK HILLS -South Dakota

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I'm from WI,and the terrain is generaly pretty flat .I wanna ride some open meadows,off-trail excursions,elevation changes, without going to drastic for my first adventure.The Black Hills seem to offer that type of riding,and is less than a days drive for me and some friends.Assuming the snow is there, is this a good spot?Have any of you been here before?where did you stay?I'm still in the planning stage so I'm open for suggestions of possible other favorite ridding areas with similar terrain!If you reply-THANK-YOU JASON
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The trail leads right out the back of Spearfish Canyon. No need to trailer anywhere. It abt 1 to 1 1/2 mile to the main trails. Great riding, Ridden for 30 years and its the best, I have ever had.
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