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Was a cold day but a great day for a ride. Sun shine was out, and the trails were all in REALLY great shape. The cold temps and grooming were a perfect combinations, as some of the trails in yesterdays report were much much better today.

Started in Berlin, headed down 12s into Gorham. Trail was in great shape, very very few rocks coming through, and not much traffic. There were 4 trucks in the parking area across from Big Apple.

Headed north on 19 across Jericho Mtn. It was groomed about half way, but the second half was pretty beat up. Still, no signs of water bars, the trail is holding up well.

Once you got into the area of 118 and the Mt. Forist trail, thing are groomed very nicely. The WMRR really is doing a good job of keeping up after the trails.

At the end of 19n, I went left and headed down 11s, and branched off right into PT109 towards Stark. Then a right onto 117e, and then hit 19s into Milan center. Every trail up till Milan center was in beautiful shape. We groomed through the powerlines from Berlin to Pontook parking lot, and it looks 10 times better than it did right after the last storm. Most of the water bars have been filled in and are holding up nicely.

After gasing up in Milan Center, I went across the bridge and followed 114 across to 12s. These trails were in AMAZING shape, and I ran into the Milan All Weather Riders out grooming the trails. Some of the logging fields outside Berlin bring a bit more wind and sun to the trails, so you will still see some rocks here and there, but overall the trails are in very good shape.

Happy trails!

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