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Was riding last night and noticed the steering was mushy on my left turns and the bars weren't straight when I was going straight. When I got to the gas station I looked under the cowl and noticed the tie rod under the exhaust pipe was bent in the middle. On left turns the steering pushes on the rod and it would flex causing the mushy steering. On the right turn the rod is pulled and would turn fine. I pulled the rod which is aluminum and shoved it between the a-arms and straightened it the best I could. I must admit I was hammering the bumps but I didn't hit anything to cause it. I called the dealer and he said it was only cost $14 and he had it in stock so its not a money issue, but was a real pain in the ass!
Anyone have a similar problem?
Could it be underspec'd to save weight?
By the way, the tool kit has the wrench to remove the 9/16 nut on the tie rod end but you need the wrench on the other end of the 9/16 wrench to hold the tie rod end from turning, lucky for me my friend had the right size with him.
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