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bearcat clutches

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I was told that a bearcat clutch would make my sled run a lot quicker, is this true. I normally run 700- 1,000 ft. what has to be changed , both clutches or can you get away with just the secondary
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The Bearcat clutches are larger in diameter (both the drive and driven). They also require a larger length belt pn. 0627-014 or softer compound 0627-013. These clutches will actually allow you to start out in a lower gear, often giving less belt slippage therefore better acceleration. These are usually used on mod sleds that require a high engagement due to lack of power at low rpm's. lol
thanks for the info. much appreciated
i added a bear cat secondary clutch to my sled .and geared it up .it gave me better bottom end and no or any top end speed.i also had to re cluth me sled also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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