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Hi, on a recent trip, just few miles from home, my 96 500 EFI battery light started to blink at high RPMs, (about 7k plus), anything below that and it stayed off. Not sure if this was going to cause some major failure, we turned around and the problem seemed to get worse, as the light would then flash at anything above 6k rpm. The battery is new. We tried cleaning and checking all the connections and grounds, including the voltage regulator. When you do a voltage check at the battery while the motor is revved up, it is a steady 13.7 to 14.2 Volts approx...After that, we did another test ride, and 10 minutes later it started to flash again. Machine is running perfect and not blowing any bulbs or giving any indication of any problems, beside that idiot light.
I then replaced the voltage regulator, and thought I had fixed the problem, but now I'm not too sure. About an hour into our run, in a long WOT high speed area, I noticed the light give an occasional flicker. This is a very wide open area, and the trails were freshly groomed, so I was WOT often. Watching the light I found could still get it to flash after long (about 5-10 seconds) runs of 8k rpm...after about another 10 minutes it would start to flash at any sustained runs above 7700 rpms, but that was as bad as it got. When in the tighter trails or anything where you're not pegged for at least 5 - 10 seconds, light never comes on at all. Rode another 100 miles like that with no other issues, besides the light.
So while the symptom is much better than before, it seems only about 90 percent fixed. Since it now only blinks after about an hour of riding and at sustained speed, there is no way I can take a voltage reading when the light is blinking. Is it possible it is just a weak new voltage regulator, (it was an aftermarket regulator., much cheaper) or am I not getting at the root cause? I just sold the machine to a friend, and I want to make sure it is right before he gets it, but I don't want to sink any unneeded cash into it.
Any thoughts on this? Thank you, Randy :biggrin:
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