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EXETER TOWNSHIP -- Snowmobilers using the Badger State Trail south of Belleville might be able to navigate through the Stewart Tunnel during the upcoming season. The 1,260-foot tunnel is scheduled to undergo construction by winter.

The Stewart Tunnel in Exeter Township is scheduled to undergo construction by the end of fall. Built in 1887, the 1,260-foot tunnel has loose material inside, including a partially collapsed portion near the center.

Built in 1887, the Stewart Tunnel has some partial collapsing near its center. The completed Badger State Trail will run along former rail lines from the Illinois-Wisconsin border south of Monroe and through Monticello and Belleville en route to Madison. The trail will be crushed limestone from Monroe to Paoli and paved concrete from Paoli to Madison.



SIREN—The Gandy Dancer Trail will not be available for any winter ATV use due to the fear of loss of federal funding. :motoneige:
Deciding not to take any risks, the Burnett County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Committee last Wednesday said no to the use of ATVs on the Gandy Dancer Trail.
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